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Aphasia Therapy Resources - ALL

all aphasia booklets and CDs



Currently not available – please contact [email protected] if interested.

This package include all two sets of resources: Auditory Processing; Sentence Processing.
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Detailed Description

Auditory Processing

These resources are suitable for use by speech and language therapists who are working with people with aphasia who have auditory processing difficulties. A large number of stimuli and range of difficulty levels allow extended practice and also provide carefully graded therapy steps. There are several types of task, providing variety for individual clients. The resources contain a set of excellent drawings, produced exclusively for these resources which provide the user with a rich set of therapy materials. To provide different levels of difficulty and also a potential hierarchy for therapy, each task is provided with different degrees of discrimination involved, including items where there is a great deal of difference between stimulus pairs to those where the items barely differ (close minimal pairs).

These resources provide an excellent set of materials, with a theoretical rationale which will allow the therapist to conduct clearly motivated therapy with people with aphasia.

Sentence Processing

This set of resources focuses on sentence processing, with particular emphasis on verb retrieval and sentence production. They are suitable for use with people with aphasia who have problems understanding and producing verbs and sentences

To provide the user with background and particularly with the theoretical rationale for the materials, a manual contains discussion of the main difficulties experienced by people with aphasia, the theoretical models used to interpret them and approaches to assessment and therapy that have been reported in the literature. The resources themselves are contained on 2 accompanying CD’s.

There are three sections within sentence processing. Within each section, there is a wide range of tasks.

  • Section 1: Verb comprehension and retrieval
    This section focuses on the comprehension and production of single verbs.

  • Section 2: Verb and noun comprehension and retrieval
    This section focuses on the relationship between everyday verbs and objects, with a view to improving word retrieval within sentences and connected speech.

  • Section 3: Sentence production
    This section focuses mainly on the production of sentences. It contains some comprehension activities which are designed to facilitate production.

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