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Observational drawing workshop for anatomy and life sciences educators

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Observational drawing workshop
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15th May 2017 – 17th May 2017
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28th April 2017

While many people claim they cannot draw, and believe that drawing is only for the talented or gifted, the act of drawing is fundamentally the making of marks on paper. As such, an individual can be trained to critically observe an object and to make marks that correspond to and describe the three-dimensional (3D) form of the object. Leonard Shapiro BAFA (Hons), BsocSc is an experienced drawing teacher and skilled workshop facilitator specialising in observational drawing. The primary purpose of his workshop is the deep observation of anatomy, achieved through a specifically designed haptico-visual observational drawing technique. This novel method aims to increase the perceptual understanding and cognitive memorisation of the form of an object through multi-sensory observation. This includes the haptic exploration (touch) and sight of the object, and the simultaneous drawing of the object.
Having been trained in the process, and then been given the opportunity to study an object using observational drawing, the drawer-observer should be able to directly retrieve the visuo-spatial appearance of the object from memory without actually viewing it. This approach is therefore ideal for learning and understanding the form of anatomical and biological structures. We intend that workshop participants will improve their knowledge of anatomy, their visuospatial abilities and their observational skills through using observational drawing, which will in turn enhance their teaching practice and will therefore benefit their students.